APPZ Review – Create iOS & Android Mobile App (Appz By Seyi Adeleke)

APPZ Review – Create iOS & Android Mobile App

Welcome to my APPZ Review. This is it! Turns Any “Keywords, Websites, eCom Stores, Blogs, & Pages” Into iOS & Android Mobile App In 60 Seconds Flat.

Embark on a revolutionary journey in app development with Appz, an innovative AI-powered app builder that is reshaping the iOS and Android app creation landscape in just 60 seconds – eliminating the need for coding, design complexities, or content creation hassles. Experience the transformation as you effortlessly generate limitless apps across various niches, all while unlocking nine diverse monetization methods, guaranteeing a consistent daily income of $458.34 on autopilot. There is no fluff, just pure and tangible results.

Delve into the expansive $2.1 trillion mobile app industry with Appz’s unparalleled simplicity, effortlessly turning keywords, websites, and more into visually stunning and functional apps. This no-code solution seamlessly integrates drag-and-drop templates, robust analytics, and interactive elements. Monetize your creations instantly, harness the power of AI-driven content generation, seamlessly integrate e-commerce, access an extensive stock library, and ensure top-notch security.

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APPZ Review: What Is It?

APPZ Is the World’s First AI-powered app, which claims to transform any keywords, websites, eCom stores, blogs, and pages into fully functional iOS and Android mobile apps within just 60 seconds. What sets Appz apart is its promise to eliminate the need for a developer, designer, app tester, marketing efforts, ads, or approval processes.

APPZ Review

Experience the liberation to create an endless array of apps covering a wide range of niches, effortlessly showcasing them in our integrated marketplace with a substantial user base. Whether your interests lie in gaming, local business, finance, fitness, dating, fashion, content, cars, eCommerce, or beyond, Appz empowers you to effortlessly dominate any niche of your choice.

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APPZ Review: Overview

  • Creator: Seyi Adeleke
  • Product: APPZ
  • Date Of Launch: 2024-Jan-08
  • Time Of Launch: 10:00 EDT
  • Front-End Price: $27
  • Refund: YES, 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee
  • Product Type: Software (online)
  • Support: Effective Response
  • Discount : >> GET THE BEST DISCOUNT HERE <<
  • Recommended: Highly Recommended
  • Skill Level Needed: All Levels

APPZ Review: Key Features

  • Generate Hundreds Of Mobile Apps Without Writing a Single Line of Code.
  • Turn Any Website, Blog, eCom Store, Or Any URL Into A Fully Functional PWA Mobile App. 
  • Publish Your App To Our Built-In Marketplace With Tons Of Users With NO Restrictions
  • Comes With Dozens Of Drag-‘N-Drop templates That You Can Fully Customize
  • 1-Click, Create Apps In Any Niche You Want (eCom, Car App, Fashion, etc)
  • Send Push Notifications To Your App Users & Get Up To 98% Open Rate
  • Add Interactive Elements (e.g Popup, Buy Now, Countdown Timer, etc) To Your App & Accept Payment Directly
  • 1-Click Monetization With Over 9 Different Income Streams…   
  • Send Unlimited SMS To Your Users
  • Turn Any Keyword Into An App And Let AI Write All The Content For You.
  • Build Your Email List With Seamless Integration With Major Autoresponder
  • No Complicated Setup – Get Up And Running In 2 Minutes
  • Get Access To Over 4,900,000 Stock Images And Footage
  • ZERO Upfront Cost
  • 30 Days Money-Back Guarantee

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APPZ Review: How Does It Work?

It Takes 4 Clicks To Start Generating Profitable Mobile Apps With AI.

APPZ Review

APPZ Review

APPZ Review

APPZ Review

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APPZ Review: What Can Do For You?

  • No Coding or Designing Required: One of the standout features of Appz Exclusive is its no-code approach. You don’t need any coding skills or experience in design to create stunning mobile apps. The platform’s intuitive interface and drag-and-drop functionality make app creation a breeze, allowing anyone to bring their app ideas to life.
  • Instantly Turn Any URL into iOS & Android Apps: With Appz Exclusive, you can convert any URL, whether it’s a website, blog, e-commerce store, or specific page, into iOS and Android apps within 60 seconds. This feature opens up endless possibilities for entrepreneurs, marketers, and businesses to expand their reach and engage with users on mobile devices.
  • Unlimited App Creation and Built-In Marketplace: Appz Exclusive allows you to create an unlimited number of apps in any niche you desire. Once you’ve built your apps, you can publish them to Appz’s built-in marketplace, which boasts millions of active users. This built-in marketplace provides a ready-made audience for your apps, allowing you to reach a wide user base and generate revenue.
  • Integration of 9 Monetization Methods: Monetizing your apps is made easy with GrabAppz Exclusive. The platform integrates nine different monetization methods, allowing you to maximize your revenue streams. From in-app purchases and advertising to subscriptions and affiliate marketing, you can choose the methods that best suit your app and business model.
  • User-Friendly Drag-and-Drop Templates: Appz Exclusive offers a wide range of professionally designed, customizable templates. These drag-and-drop templates enable you to create visually appealing and functional apps in just a few clicks. Whether you’re creating an e-commerce app, a car app, a fashion app, or any other type of app, the templates provide a solid foundation for your creativit.


  • Push Notifications and Interactive Elements: Engaging with your app users is vital for success, and GrabAppz Exclusive understands this. The platform allows you to send push notifications to your app users, ensuring they stay informed and connected. Additionally, you can add interactive elements such as pop-ups, countdown timers, and “Buy Now” buttons, creating a dynamic and interactive user experience.
  • AI-Generated Content and Email List Building: Creating content for your apps can be time-consuming, but GrabAppz Exclusive simplifies the process by utilizing AI technology. By entering a keyword, the platform can generate all the content you need for your app, including descriptions, articles, and more. Furthermore, Appz Exclusive offers seamless integration with major autoresponders, allowing you to effortlessly build your email list and engage with your app users through email marketing.
  • Zero Upfront Cost and Extensive Stock Media Library: Unlike many app-building platforms that require hefty upfront investments, Appz Exclusive offers a zero upfront cost model. You only pay once for access to the platform, eliminating the need for monthly subscriptions. Additionally, Appz Exclusive provides access to over 4,900,000 stock images and footage, ensuring you have a wide range of visual assets to enhance your app’s appearance and functionality.

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APPZ Review: Who Should Use It?

  • Affiliate Marketers
  • CPA Marketers
  • Blog Owners
  • Product Creators
  • eCom Store Owners
  • Local Business Owners
  • Agency Owners

APPZ Review: OTO’S And Pricing

FE: APPZ ($17)

OTO1: Unlimited ($67) 

OTO2: DoneForYou ($297) 

OTO3: Automation ($47) 

OTO4: Swift Profits ($47) 

OTO5: Limitless Traffic ($97)   

OTO6: Agency ($167)  

OTO7: Franchise Edition ($97)  

OTO8: Multiple Income ($47)

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APPZ Review

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APPZ Review: Free Bonuses

Bonus 1: Appz 6-Figure In 60 Days LIVE Event (Value $1997)

Get VIP access to our live mastermind event and copy n’ paste our Appz underground system we use to make 6-figures in 60 days. This alone is worth 5x what you will pay today, and it’s yours for free!​ 

Bonus 2: Appz Multi-Vendor Mobile Apps Marketplace (Value $997)

Setup & Run Your Own Multi-Vendor Mobile App Marketplace & Earn Money. With this software, you can set up your multi-vendor marketplace for both IOS & Android app sellers & buyers, and you can earn 3 to 4 Figures weekly.

The sweetest part is that – You can also sell the mobile apps you created with Appz to other vendors on your multi-vendor marketplace & 2x your earnings with Appz Setup once, automate, and make a profit.

This is the next big thing you need to skyrocket your Appz results. Mobile App is a multi-billion dollar industry, and thousands of apps are being created every day.

Instantly set up your own fully automated mobile apps affiliate website filled with the latest and most popular apps globally, with app reviews and ratings. No tedious setup! No registering on Playstore!

Just input your affiliate ID, and you can start earning a big commission on revenue generated by sales initiated from your website.

Bonus 4: Appz Marketplace Traffic Booster (Value $997)

Discover The Top-Secret Tips And Strategies To Get Tons Of Traffic To Your Appz Marketplace, and Boost Your Sales! ​ 

Sell more Mobile Apps you created with Appz, and also make huge profits. Use this system to solve all your traffic problems and get an avalanche of targeted visitors bombarding your marketplace day in & day out.

Bonus 5: Appz Mobile Website Builder (Value $697)

Solid Combo with Appz (Mobile App + Mobile Websites = Huge Profit) Build ANY kind of Websites & Pages (Squeeze Page, Sales Page, Landing Page, Report Page, etc) that is mobile-responsive and compatible with all devices. And you can use this page to sell any kind of product or service easily. The sweet part is that once you have created your mobile pages, you can easily use Appz to turn it into a Mobile App.

APPZ Review: Money Back Guarantee

Appz assures your satisfaction with a robust 30-day money-back guarantee, underscoring their confidence in its capabilities. In stark contrast to untested alternatives, Appz stands firmly behind its effectiveness. If, for any reason, you do not achieve the success you anticipate with Appz, a simple email is all it takes to initiate a no-questions-asked refund. Your contentment is their paramount concern, and in the unlikely scenario that Appz falls short of your expectations, not only will they refund your money, but they will also extend additional bonuses as a gesture of appreciation for your time. Even if financial gains are not realized, exclusive bonuses are guaranteed, making your satisfaction the top priority for Appz.

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APPZ Review: Conclusion

Experience the seamless approach to creating numerous iOS and Android applications with APPZ—an avant-garde solution hailed as the World’s First AI-powered app builder. Within just 60 seconds, APPZ can convert keywords, websites, e-commerce stores, blogs, and pages into fully operational iOS and Android mobile apps. What distinguishes it from the rest? The absence of requirements such as a developer, designer, app tester, marketing efforts, ads, or an approval process.

APPZ opens up boundless possibilities. Craft an endless variety of apps in diverse niches and effortlessly showcase them in its integrated marketplace with a substantial user base. Whether your passions lie in gaming, local business, finance, fitness, dating, fashion, content, cars, or eCommerce, APPZ asserts itself as the tool that enables you to effortlessly excel in any niche of your choosing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need any experience to get started? 

Nop. None, Nada. All you need is the internet. And you’re good to go

How long does it take to make money?

It happened so fast, that some of our beta testers got shocked. Some of our beta testers within minutes of creating their first app

Do I need to purchase anything else for it to work?

We made sure that everything you need is in the bundle you’re about to buy now. Nothing else is required

What if I failed?

While that is unlikely, we removed all the risk for you. If you tried Appz and failed, we will refund you every cent you paid And give you access to our exclusive bonuses on top of that just to apologize for wasting your time.

How can I get started?

Awesome, I like your excitement, All you have to do is click any of the buy buttons on the page and secure your copy of AppZ at a one-time fee.

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Thanks for reading my Appz Review till the end and I hope it will help you to make your purchase decision.

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