AIStaffs Review: Is AIStaffs Worth Buying ? Truth Inside & Verdict

AIStaffs Review – OTOs/Upsells, Features, Demo & Verdict

Greetings & Welcome to my AIStaffs Review. This is a totally different AIStaffs Review that’s what your curious mind wants to know!

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So, let’s continue my real research based AIStaffs Review which will cover these topics in detail :

  • What is AIStaffs ?
  • How It Works ? 
  • Features of AIStaffs
  • Upgrades & Sales Funnel 
  • Why Do You Need It ?
  • Pros & Cons
  • My Honest Opinion

( I will give my opinion first and then read the in depth AIStaffs review. )

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AIStaffs ReviewMy Honest Opinion: 

As I said that I will give my verdict first and my opinion is AIStaffs is a legit product and can help you. 

I’m clarifying everything step by step in the review. My rating is 9.4 out 10 based on all features of AIStaffs.

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What is AIStaffs ? 

What if you have a full team of experts at your fingertips, ready to run your online and offline business without paying any salaries?

AIStaffs is an innovative AI-powered platform designed to automate a wide range of online business tasks, covering areas like digital marketing, e-commerce, affiliate marketing, content creation, customer support, and more.

AIStaffs app helps you build your very own executive full-time business team of employees to help do your work and grow your business.

No more dealing with unreliable freelancers or expensive agencies.

With 70+ unique AI staff members, each with their own areas of expertise, AIStaffs provides a customizable and efficient solution for businesses looking to save time and money while achieving outstanding results.

The platform offers an intuitive Siri/Alexa-like 2-way conversation, allowing users to easily communicate with AI staff and get tasks done efficiently.

AIStaffs supports all languages for chat and integrates seamlessly with existing systems, making it a versatile and accessible tool for businesses of all sizes.

With AIStaffs, you’ll enjoy a tons of benefits like:

  • 24/7 productivity from your AI team
  • Access to 33 AI-powered staff members
  • Seamless integration with your existing systems
  • Support for 5 languages (English, Hindi, Spanish, French, and German)
  • Advanced data security and privacy measures

This fantastic software has brought to the market by Abhi Dwivedi & launched at 30 May, 2023.

Abhi Dwivedi is the top 1% Seller & top 1% Affiliate at JVZoo Platforms.

AIStaffs Review - Vendor
AIStaffs Review Vendor - Seller
AIStaffs Review Vendor - Affiliate

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Features of AIStaffs : 

AIStaffs solves significant challenges businesses face by eliminating the need for hiring skilled professionals, managing rising operational costs, staying current with technology, and scaling your business without sacrificing quality.

Here are some of the powerful features included in AIStaffs:

  • 33 unique AI-powered staff members for a wide range of tasks
  • Innovative technology that evolves with your business
  • Customizable solutions tailored to your specific needs
  • Easy-to-use interface, even for beginners
  • Seamless integration with your existing systems
  • Advanced data security and privacy measures
  • Ongoing updates to ensure compatibility with the latest trends
  • Exceptional customer support from a dedicated team

With AIStaffs, you’ll enjoy these benefits and more:

  • Automate your sales and marketing tasks
  • Create digital courses, products, and marketing plans
  • Get expert insights on legal, accounting, and finance matters
  • Boost your social media presence and engagement
  • Utilize youAI to personalize and optimize your customer interactions

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How It Works: 

To use AIStaffs, you have to follow these three simple steps:

Step 1:

Browse the AI staff members, each with their own areas of expertise, and choose the ones that best suit your specific needs and tasks.

Step 2:

Communicate with your chosen AI staff using the intuitive Siri/Alexa-like 2-way conversation feature. Describe the tasks you want them to complete, provide necessary information, and discuss any specific requirements or preferences.

Step 3:

Review the work completed by your AI staff, provide feedback if needed, and download documents or implement solutions directly from the chat.

Continue the conversation with your AI team as needed to optimize your results and ensure your tasks are completed to your satisfaction.

People Are LOVING AIStaffs!

AIStaffs Review - Users Stat

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Upgrades & Sales Funnel

Say goodbye to dealing with mundane tasks in any business and focus on growing it with these necessary upgrades-

Unlimited Upgrade – UPSELL #1:


The Unlimited upgrade super charges the AIStaffs app and removes any and all limits of hiring AI staff. By upgrading, businesses can add an unlimited number of AI employees to their account, giving them access to an expanded range of specialized skills and services.

This upgrade is especially useful for businesses with high demands for AI-powered assistance or those looking to scale their operations quickly. By unlocking unlimited usage, businesses can save both time and money by having access to a 24/7 workforce without the limitations of a traditional staffing model.

Plus Upgrade- UPSELL #2:


The AIStaffs Plus upgrade provides users with access to 16 additional AI staff members, increasing the total number of available AI staff to 41. You can even build and train their own custom AI staff members to meet their specific needs.

Additionally, the ability to rebrand the AI staff by renaming and changing their profile picture, as well as 256-bit encryption for maximum privacy, makes the AIStaffs PLUS upgrade a valuable investment for businesses looking to improve their efficiency and customer satisfaction.



Unlock the ultimate business solution with Enterprise Upgrade. This premium upgrade grants you access to agency Whitelabel, giving you the ability to rebrand the software as part of your own agency.

Manage and collaborate with your team using the Enterprise TMA – Team Members Access, Enterprise CAA – Client Account Access, and Enterprise OCP – Client Previewer features. Create a professional online presence with our readymade enterprise website, including 5 years of hosting, and DFY promotion videos.

Close deals with ease using our enterprise client contracts and lead magnets. As a bonus, receive 100+ DFY FB ad and copy templates, as well as a guide on how to get up to $1000 in free ad credits on Facebook, Twitter, and Google.

Expansion- UPSELL #4:


The AIStaffs Expansion upgrade is the most advanced version of AIStaffs that provides a unique opportunity for users to connect with 21 marketing experts.

With this upgrade, users can chat or speak directly with these experts and gain insights into marketing strategies, SEO optimization, content creation, and product launch planning.

The AIStaffs Expansion upgrade provides an unparalleled level of support, allowing users to learn from the best in the business and take their marketing efforts to the next level.

AIStaffs Review - Upgrades

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AIStaffs ReviewPros & Cons

Here Are Some Pros –

  • Accelerate income growth
  • No more freelancers or ineffective employees
  • Access to a team of highly skilled AI employees
  • Dominate your niche and skyrocket business growth
  • 24/7 productivity from your AI team
  • Access to 33 AI-powered staff members
  • Seamless integration with your existing systems
  • Support for 5 languages (English, Hindi, Spanish, French, and German)
  • Advanced data security and privacy measures
  • Save tens of thousands of dollars per year by reducing human staff overhead
  • Enjoy 24/7 productivity with AI employees working around the clock
  • Scale your business effortlessly with easy onboarding and removal of AI employees


Not founded yet.

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Why Do You Need AIStaffs ? 

AIStaffs is the game-changing app that will revolutionize the way local businesses, startups, and small businesses operate, by unleashing the full potential of multiple AI-powered employees to handle various business tasks and responsibilities, save money and outgrow their competitors.

With AIStaffs, businesses can finally say goodbye to dealing with mundane tasks in any business and focus on growing it.

By using AIStaffs, you’ll have access to a team of dedicated employees who are experts in marketing, customer service, sales, administrative tasks and much more…

Your AI-powered employees are equipped with the latest technology, updated knowledge and skills to the current date to make your business more efficient, productive, and profitable in 2023 and beyond.

AIStaffs Comes Packed With:

Access to 40+ AI Staffs

With AIStaffs, you can hire over 40 different specialized AI Staff through a user-friendly dashboard, assigning tasks and tracking progress in real-time.

Chat with AI Staff + Siri/Alexa Like Conversation

You can have a two-way conversation with your AI employee, much like you would with Siri or Alexa.

Access to Multiple Languages

Allows you to communicate with each AI employee in Multiple different languages (English, Hindi, Spanish, German, French and more) for seamless communication.

Working Hours Setup

Provides users with complete flexibility when it comes to setting up working hours for their AI employees.

All Conversation History Saved

All conversation histories are automatically saved, allowing users to revisit past discussions and access important information at any time. 

Download Replies As Doc

You can download all of your AI employee’s replies and conversations as a document, making it easy to reference or use for business purposes. 

1-Click Tasks – DFY

Say goodbye to spending hours typing out requests for your AI staff – simply choose from over 100s of pre-programmed 1-click buttons and watch as the tasks are completed in seconds.

Embed AI Staff On Your Websites

You can easily embed any of your AIStaffs employee on any website you want, so your customers, visitors or clients and chat directly to your AI staff.

Change AI Staff’s Response Tone

You can customize the tone and style of your AI staff’s responses. You can adjust the language and tone of your AI staff’s responses to suit your specific needs and preferences.

Co-hire or Lease Your AI Team/Staff

You can lease your AI Staff to your clients for a monthly fee, helping you expand your business and increase your profits.

Fully Encrypted – 100% Chat/Talk Privacy

AIStaffs offers top-of-the-line protection for all your sensitive data, communications, and transactions.

Dedicated Support & Regular Updates – 12 months

With our software and dedicated support team, you’ll have everything you need to succeed in today’s competitive business environment.

Detailed Training Included – Video + PDF

It comes with detailed video training, as well as a PDF guide, providing you with all the information you need to get the most out of our software.

BONUS TRAINING WEBINAR: How to Make Fast Cash Using AIStaffs!

With the added bonus of a special training webinar “How to Make Fast Cash Using AIStaffs!” you will learn the best strategies to turn your leads into cash quickly. 

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AIStaffs Review: Conclusion

So, in conclusion, thanks again for reading my completely unique AIStaffs Review till the end and let me know your thoughts and comment if you have any questions. 

As I have already given my opinion at first – So : 

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I’ll be back with another product review soon. Have a great day and stay safe always and many thanks for checking out this AIStaffs Review till the end.

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